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Welcome to "It's Not About Us" Ministries

"It's Not About Us" Ministries (INAUM) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization located in Huntsville, Alabama. It was founded in 1999 by Rev. Adolphus A. Elliott, Sr. and Ona B. Elliott and is operated under the sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Its fundamental purpose is to carry out the active work of the universal church in accordance with the Great Commission of Christ as set forth in Scripture at Matthew 28:19-20.

INAUM promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the general public through Christian nurturing, training, evangelism, outreach ministries, and discipleship. It extends its ministries into homes and communities with the intent of guiding individuals into a personal relationship with Christ through the Word of God. INAUM is further established to 1) bring relief to the poor, distressed, and underprivileged, 2) combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency, and 3) lessen the burden of the government by providing support to those who are dependent on it for their welfare.

Things We Do

We are involved in the community. Here are some of the things we do.

Community Events

Clean uplifting events for the whole family

Radio Program

We have a live christian broadcasting program

Grass Roots

Humilty is central to what we do and how we share


We are Christ Central and love focused


Strong families means strong communities


It's all about love and spiritual growth


"Is there a word from the Lord"? Oh! Yes there is. WEUP 1600 + 1700 A.M; 94.5 F.M. www.weup.com live stream or Phone App TuneIn

Sunday: 8:30 - 9am

Our Services

The ministries offered by INAUM are designed to teach, inspire, and empower individuals to be aware of their gifts and talents and to use them to become well-rounded in their thinking, decision-making, and choices.  Additionally, the objective of these ministries is to prepare individuals to be more effective witnesses for Jesus Christ and to give back to their communities.  INAUM ministries are briefly summarized below:

Christian Education
Christian Education ministry offers training designed to teach sound principals that can be used as enablers for self-development.  Training includes:

  • Empowerment Offerings(Bible study, workshops, seminars, social, radio, and television media)
  • Faith sharing
  • Stewardship Planning
  • Financial Stability (personal financial planning, tithing, investing)
  • Leadership Seminars

Women’s Ministry
This ministry provides training and spiritual enrichment activities for women.  Programs focus on the unique opportunities, challenges, and the unique God-given ability of women to be risk-takers and champions.

Singles Ministry
The ministry offers activities and spiritual enrichment to unmarried individuals and focuses of the value of singles in the arena of service. Offerings include:

  • Bible Study
  • Seminars
  • Social Events
  • Opportunities to serve together on special projects

Seniors’ Ministry
Ministries designed to meet the needs of senior citizens.  Ministries include:

  • Assisting and supporting spiritual growth and health, age-level educational pursuits, evangelistic outreach, and fellowship events
  • Identifying areas that allow individuals to become involved in ministries that may interest them
  • Discovering and utilization professional of skills of seniors in the service to kingdom  building

Arts and Drama
Provides opportunities to restore the arts, dance, and drama to the Kingdom of God and allows persons to develop knowledge, talents, and skills in the arts and utilize them to the glory of God.

About Us

Adolphus & Ona Elliott

Rev. Adolphus A. Elliott, Sr

Rev. Adolphus A. Elliott, Sr. was born in Decatur, Alabama. He is married to Ona Buford Elliott, Co-founder of “It’s Not About Us” Ministries, and is the father of five children (Miriam, Alex, Kevin, Eunice, and Ura) who are engaged in various professional careers including medicine, music, journalism, and education.

He was ordained an Elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (CME) in 1985 where he pastored several churches in the North Central Alabama Region, including: 1) New Jones Chapel, Decatur, Alabama 2) Word Chapel, Haleyville, Alabama 3) Turner Chapel, Toney, Alabama 4) Acklin Chapel, Gurley, Alabama 5) Mt. Zion II, Hamilton, Alabama 6) St. James, Cordova, Alabama and 7) Gurley CME, Gurley, Alabama. He retired from the pastorate in July 2014.

During his tenure with the CME Church, he was awarded numerous recognitions for his dedicated service. They include:

  1. Pastor of the Year,
  2. Lay Ministry Outstanding Pastor of the Year,
  3. Model Minister of the Year,  
  4. The Spirit of John Wesley Outstanding Pastor of the Year, and
  5. The Greg Carlson Faith-Based Outstanding Leadership Award.

Rev. Elliott is a 1968 graduate of Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama where he received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Sociology (Social Studies) and was selected “Who Who” among students in American Universities and Colleges, 1967-68. He also pursued advanced education in African American Studies at Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, 1971.

Rev. Elliott served in the United States Army where he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and the Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam.  He was the first African American social worker for the Lurleen B. Wallace Developmental Center and the Department of Pensions and Security in Decatur, Alabama.  His social work extended to broader community service in 1972 when he became founder of "Reality House", an informational and counseling service designed to empower minorities to cope with family challenges and provide them with skills to pursue employment opportunities.

He is an advocate of mental health awareness and is a long standing member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).  Rev. Elliott is committed to teaching, empowering, and inspiring individuals to serve and become the best they can be in the Lord.

Ona Buford Elliott

Ona Elliott was born in Collierville, Tennessee.  She is currently retired as a civil servant of the United States government.  During her federal service tenure, she was recognized for several accomplishments including accommodations for outstanding leadership and exceptional achievements by Women in Government.  

She is a licensed Exhorter, Certified Christian Educator, Huntsville/Tuscaloosa, Alabama Regional President of the Ministers’ Spouses, Widows and Widowers, and Director of the Board of Christian Education for the Fifth Episcopal (Greater Huntsville) District of the CME Church. Her commitment to community service has been raised as standard-bearing both locally and nationally.

Ona has a deep appreciation for the role of God’s people in community life and their overall potential to impact society. She is actively involved in teaching, inspiring, and empowering youth to be the next generation of great leaders. She has a passion for promoting unity of purpose in the Body of Christ to perform the work the Lord has assigned to His followers.  She strongly believes – just like the early disciples turned the world upside down through the power of the Holy Spirit, so can Christians of today.

“It’s Not About Us” Ministries is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities.  In this fast-changing world where the moral condition of society appears to be rapidly deteriorating, we can be sure that one thing will never change – and that is God’s Word.  The Lord promises an abundant and fulfilling life to anyone who believes and accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior.  But it is up to those who follow Jesus (His disciples) to make this message of hope known to a world that so desperately needs it.  The message, and the responsibility that accompanies it, is clear – Jesus is the answer to all our needs and our desires; He is the way, the truth, and the life, and He expects us to spread this life-changing Good News to others.

Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount that we are the salt of the earth.  This means that we are to live in this world as representatives of Jesus.  This is more than a social decision. It’s a lifestyle.  We can’t become the salt of the earth if we refuse to get out of the salt-shaker (the comfort zone of our church walls, self-made agendas, etc.).  We are to get out of the salt-shaker and sprinkle ourselves in ways that make a difference in the lives of others. Jesus challenges us to make disciples; He challenges us to evangelize (Matthew 28:19-20).  Let’s make a difference in someone’s life today!  Let’s make a difference in our communities!  “It’s not about us; it’s about Jesus.  It’s about winning souls!”

Our Partners

Meeting some of the wonderful people and businesses we work with. It is always a joy to work with progressive people.


View videos of what is going on in the community, live radio broadcast, church service and more.

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Stay in Touch

It is always so good to hear from you. Give us a call, listen to us on the radio, a just drop us a line!

"It's Not About Us" Ministries

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